I am a video director, editor and motion designer based on the East Coast, working in Boston, Providence, Los Angeles and New York City.

I grew up in New Hampshire and have lived, or spent considerable time, in five of the six New England states. I received my degree in Communications from Quinnipiac University and immediately after graduation I drove across the country to Los Angeles to start my career. I worked in television and did freelance work as a video editor and motion graphic designer. In 2005, I co-founded a video marketing production company and dedicated myself to that business for almost a decade. After a lengthy stretch in Los Angeles, I’m back on the East Coast.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the synchronous combination of moving images and sound. My earliest creative outlets were Legos and a sketchbook. Then, when I was nine years old, my parents bought my siblings and I a fascinating gift that changed my life — a video camera. This powerful creative tool became an instant obsession. Friends and family quickly transformed into cast and crew for short films, television shows, music videos and more. Between my brother, sister and I, this camera was in constant use. My older brother led the way, adding the magic of post-production to our creative repertoire. By relocating my parent’s VCR to the living room and connecting it with the VCR already there, we now had tape-to-tape editing and the ability to add additional soundtracks. Our house was a movie studio with unlimited creative potential.

As my older brother and sister moved onto college, I remained behind… with the video camera. Once I discovered that people make a living using this mechanism, there was nothing else. Every school project became a video production and fortunately my high school was very supportive of this endeavor. My school already offered art, photography and graphic design classes and then, during my senior year, they added a video production class. I had access to video cameras, sound equipment and an editing suite. The editing suite added the final piece of equipment to my toolbox — a title generator. I didn’t know where this gear came from or who bought it but, as far as I was concerned, it was mine. This was the beginning of my professional life.

Now, I’ve been at it professionally for over a decade. My skills are diverse and I strive to improve everyday. I consider myself a creative-production hybrid capable of leading projects or producing them. When client projects aren’t consuming every waking moment, I try to fill the gap with personal projects to keep sharp and develop new techniques.


Joseph Torino
Video Director | Video Producer | Video Editor | Motion Graphic Artist