Artist Profile: Charles Bergquist

Posted by on Nov 8, 2014 in Art, Blog, Graphic Design, Music, Photography, Video
Artist Profile: Charles Bergquist

Charles Bergquist is a director, designer and photographer based in San Diego, California. Really though, he’s a visual artist, and a good one — one that is capable of creating a consistent aesthetic across multiple mediums. That may sound simple and obvious for an artist that works in several formats, but it’s just not. He’s a great inspiration for many people I’m sure, but for me, he’s at the top of the list. Every image Bergquist manufactures produces an immediate emotional response. There’s a subconscious element built into his work that I just can’t put my finger on… like being so close to discovering something important, something of value, but you can’t get close enough to fully understand and articulate it… like a critical memory that slipping away despite your best efforts to maintain it. Not only is this guy an exceptional artist, he also has impeccable taste in music and often collaborates with some of the best musicians we have right now.

I included a few select pieces below. If you’d like to see more of Charles Bergquist’s work, visit and you can purchase some of his work at He’s a good follow on Instagram as well @cbergquist so give that a try. Enjoy.





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