This title sequence is for the short film Not 4 Sale directed by Roger Melvin. Roger approached me about creating an title sequence to establish the setting and political climate for his story. We explored several approaches but, eventually went with the idea of using microfilm. Great idea, but it’d been over a decade since I’d even seen a microfiche machine so some research was needed. I headed to the library, shot some test footage, threw a quick edit together and… it worked. Then, after several days of research to find relevant articles, I shot all the microfilm in 2-days using the Canon 5D with a Canon EF 17-35mm f/2.8 and used a Zoom H4n for to record the machine’s sound. In the end, I shot, edited, designed, sound designed, and colored this project. Watch it on Vimeo if you like.


Stills (12)

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