Video Production

I’ve worked in all capacities of video production — pre-production, production and post-production. I’ve written, produced, directed, designed and edited projects of varying types. Most of my professional work to date is video marketing. As a result, I have not worked as much as I’d like in the narrative realm, though that will not remain the case forever.

Creative Direction

My video directing experience is diverse. I’ve directed live-action, animation and projects that feature a combination of both. Directing videos is where I’m most comfortable. The thing I enjoy most about directing is collaborating with all the talented people involved in a production — producers, writers, DPs, ADs, talent, editors, motion designers, and sound designers. They all speak their own language and bring unique insight to the project. The director is the leader but good leaders are capable of interdependence. I take pride in my ability to accept input from everyone involved in a production without compromising my vision for the project.

Video Editing

There’s nothing more satisfying in this business than piecing together a project and presenting it to others. I began my career as an editor and have edited video projects of all shapes and sizes — ads, corporate, short form documentaries, music videos and anything in between. My extensive time editing has improved my ability as a director. Understanding what’s needed during production to have a good edit allows for greater confidence and creativity onset.

Motion Graphics & Animation

My fascination with motion graphics started while watching movie title sequences as a kid. My early motion graphic work was purely supplemental; adding basic motion graphics to an assortment of video productions. As I learned more and more about Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, I began creating more complex animations. Now many of my projects are entirely motion graphics and animation. What began as a functional fascination is now a vital component of my work.

Graphic Design & Illustration

My desire to create good-looking motion graphics prompted my interest in graphic design. I’ve studied graphic design and taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator, but never really thought of myself as a graphic designer. I love and respect the art tremendously, but most of my graphic design work is for motion and personal projects.


I can take a good picture. I have way too much respect for photography to call myself a professional photographer. I would love nothing more than to master the art but, at present, I am nothing more than an interested and experimental amateur. I work primarily with Canon equipment; taking pictures whenever possible to improve the quality of my work. To get a better sense of my ability to capture and process images, checkout my Instagram.